Otis – a happy ever after

Everyone knows Otis. He has boundless energy, love and affection!

Just over three years ago we felt the time was right to get another spaniel, our last was a rescue so we were keen to rehome again.

Coming out of coving and pre Christmas we started to put the feelers out there was still the frenzy of high dog prices around and the start of some of those impulse buys coming to the rescue centres with a variety of issues mainly caused by ill advised humans.

We resisted many potential offers when one Thursday evening we got a call from Jo and SAR, we were advised obout Otis being available to rehome we immediately expressed an interest as he had few real issues other than not being trained and thinking he was head of the family

The following week Otis arrived a georgous fluffy young lad with boundless energy and no manners, the first few days were challenging as he and we adapted to the holocaust that was our new life

Three years on what have we achieved, well Otis still has boundless energy love and affection, just yesterday we walked for a couple of hours on the beach he introduces himself to everyone as he thinks that he’s everyone’s friend and well everyone knows Otis !

So the point of this post at a time when parents are under pressure to buy a puppy please think of rehoming take your time and choose wisely, below is a picture of Otis and his mate Gunner who was another rescue from SAR, I talked to Phil his owner as he was looking to replace his previous dog.

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