Mya has found her Forever home!

Mya has found the pawfect home!

Mya came to us last year due to a change of circumstance with her owners. Her new owners are besotted and she has definately fallen on her paws!

‘We collected Mya at the start of December 2023.  We have now had her in our family for 5 months and we couldn’t be happier.  She torments us daily (in the best way possible) and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our last SAR dog, Maisie, died in March 2023 and almost made her 15th birthday.  We said we would wait until after our wedding (19th July 2024) before we even think about getting another.  But….turns out the house was not the same, our family did not feel complete and we missed the energy and comfort that only a dog can provide and so…I filled out the adoption request form and told Dave about it …after it was submitted! 

I heard all about the absolute cracker dog who was only 9 months old, who had boundless energy and a great nature.  9 months though!  That is a lot younger than the senior citizen we had been used to. 

We talked about it and the more we heard about Mya, the more we felt we had to have her.  We were apprehensive with her being so young that we wouldn’t be the right people for her, we had heard how much energy she had and we were a bit scared, she was still such a young dog.

We decided to go for it and we honestly couldn’t be more pleased!  The transport team were all systems go on December 3rd as Mya began her journey from Yorkshire to Sheila’s House in Strathaven where Mya spent a few hours being tired out and well looked after before we were able to come and collect her. 

We have felt so well supported by the team members of SAR!  Everyone involved was invested in Mya’s story and we were delighted to share plenty of pupdates.

We learned very early on that Mya likes to be close to where everyone is in the house.  We had thought we would be committed to her sleeping in her crate in the utility room but this quickly changed to her crate being in our bedroom and she settled very well. 

Mya already had so many of the basic training skills in place.  She is just a ball of innocent, excitable energy but when directed and given jobs she absolutely thrives.  Louise gave us so much great advice as Mya is the youngest dog I’ve had.  On her recommendation, we took her out on the lead for short spells very often so she could get used to the lead expectations.  We made sure she waited at the open door and didn’t automatically just drag us out.  All of these small things have really helped Mya develop her ‘manners.’  She is a very easy going dog. 

Mya gets so excited when any of us arrive home, it is the best welcome ever!  She takes sock, slipper presents to the door for greeting us.  She loves to ‘help’ hang up the washing and we often find the odd pair of pants and socks around the living room which does beg a lot of questions from visitors. 

We love Mya and we feel so lucky to have been trusted with her.  I am so happy we didn’t wait to submit that form otherwise we would have missed our Mya! ‘

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