Lucy’s Story

We were asked to help rehome Lucy, an active 7yr old Sprocker. Charlie answered our call for a foster, she has a Sprocker and a working cocker Cadbury so was well experienced with spaniels .

Lucy came into heat soon afterwards so as well as reinforcing Lucy’s general training, Charlie had to manage her through her season. Charlie put us in touch with a friend Sam who, along with daughters Lucy and Alice, were looking to adopt an older dog. It was love at first sight…….Lucy or Princess Lucy, as she’s often known here, joined our family from Sprocker Assist. She settled in very happily with us. She loves us all and even loves her little Sprocker brother Milo – most of the time. Her favourite things include cuddling the smallest human in the house and helping her with her iPad. She loves early morning walks and chewing antlers. The pets shop tells us they should last a month but Lucy considers that a challenge and can consume one in a week given ideal conditions.

She patrols the garden and no living thing other than us is allowed to walk or even fly across it without a proper telling off. We completely adore her. We do need to have a conversation about the 530 am starts and she thinks our attempts at a haltie lead are very amusing – not sure who is training who – think we are all work in progress!!

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