Kat’s Story

Kat was 7 yrs old when she was taken on by Sprocker Assist. Her owner felt he could no longer keep her after she had bitten a new pup introduced into the family, whilst chasing a ball.

Kat had always been an only dog and was very possessive and competitive with other animals although fine and affectionate with people. She was thought to be only rehomeable to a family with no dogs. That, with her age made it very difficult to place her . After 8 weeks in foster with us and my three Sprockers, she gradually learned to share. Yes we had a few spats but were on hand to sort it out before any damage was caused . Slowly but surely things improved enough for us to consider rehoming with an older dog or dogs, preferably male .

She was quickly offered a home with the lovely Greta Dee and her husband Bob and their dogs Aero and Colin . She is now very settled and has a great life with her new found family . Aero has become her best mate .

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