Its about a Dog

A fabulous little note all about why we have dogs Author Unknown

Often, people tell me, “it’s only a dog,” or… “that’s a lot of money for just a dog.” (yes, I spend more on my dogs than on me!)

They see the distance I travel, the time spent and spending of the money for just a dog, and they don’t understand.

Hour after hour passes, and my only company is just a dog (or two).

Some of my most proud moments were with only a dog, and also some of my saddest moments came only with a dog.

However, in those dark days, it was the gentle touch of only a dog that made me strong and motivated to keep going.

Only a dog brings me pure friendship, trust, and perfect happiness.

Only a dog brings compassion and patience, which makes me a better person.

Only with a dog I will get up early, take long walks, and look forward to the future.

For people like me, it is not “just a dog.”

My dogs are an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams for the future, many a happy memory from the past, and the pure joy for the present.

Author Unknown

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