Happy ending for Spencer

Meet Spencer who has been in his forever home now for two years!

Spencer came to us two years ago now with a few behaviour issues. Denise was identified as a perfect match and the rest is history. Denise has shared their story for us to read….

‘Hi all,approximately this time two years ago I had a call from SAR to say they had a dog that matched with me, unfortunately I was due to visit the IOM and the lad needed a home ASAP.

I went to my hairdresser and kept thinking about the call. I phoned Venessa back and asked if he was still available. She said yes and gave me details, sadly he had three previous homes and was 6 years old. Having never had a rescue I was apprehensive but being impulsive I decided to cancel my holiday and go ahead .

A few days later the lad was brought to me by Louise Saggers. The first few weeks were difficult, his safe place was his crate and he wouldn’t come out of it. I had to tip the crate up a little to encourage him to come out. He also did air snaps particularly if you touched his side. Soon the crate was consigned to the hallway and after about 6 weeks dismantled. The air snapping stopped, he began to enjoy life in the Yorkshire Dales. He has his own sofa but prefers to cuddle next to me. He also has a bed in my bedroom (despite having dogs all my life this is a first).

Previously he had to be muzzled at the vets, not now, Holly is wonderful with him and no muzzle, just blackmail treats. He was a thief when he arrived and that’s one thing I can’t cure, but hey ho, it’s a small price to pay for my cuddle monster.

Spencer is now 8 and has been with me for two glorious years. Thank you to everyone at SAR who gave me the chance to fall in love with this lad. Also thanks to Spencer’s previous Mum and Dad who loved him dearly but knew he needed more.

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