Gizmo’s Story

Gizmos journey to find his forever home has been a long, eventful one, chequered with disappointment at times, but one which highlights the resilience of this amazing wee boy.

He was subsequently rehomed in February 2018, but that unfortunately failed when his adopters were unable to cope with his increasingly aggressive behaviour and he was returned to Sprocker Assist in January 2020.

Unfortunately his next home lasted only two days and due to his unpredictable behaviour he had to be quickly removed to the only place available at that point which was into a boarding kennel situation.

Surprisingly, Gizzy thrived in this placement and the kennel staff were wonderful, going above and beyond in their efforts to help keep Gizzy busy and happy while another potential home was sought for him.

During his stay in kennels, SARs behaviourist Keri Corbett visited and assessed Gizzy to identify the type of home that would provide him with the best possible outcome.
SAR pride themselves on matching dogs with potential homes from our adoption list, but on this occasion, no-one met the very precise criteria that Gizzy needed so a Facebook appeal was made by Keri to help Gizzy find his forever home.

This is Keris story.

I travelled to meet Gizzy in kennels and saw that he was a sweetheart with a bad attitude at times , but we needed to give him a chance. 

Little did I know the battle this lad had been facing . Almost every human apart from a handful felt he should be euthanised.
So we did something we rarely do and that was ” advertise ” him on our Facebook group. Joanne Turner answered that appeal and wanted to meet him. She travelled to spend a few hours with Gizmo and wanted to foster him. This was 2 days before our first lockdown. In the 11th hour she travelled again to collect him.
Daily Jo would ring me and we would chat about all his issues and worked together to help him to be his best self. Some days he was irritable and told Jo off , some days he was her best friend. Joanne and I pretty much spent lockdown together on the phone and a friendship was born . I knew Gizmo was going to be okay.
Joanne signed the adoption papers and they became a family . Joanne has saved Gizmos life , and for that I will be forever grateful.

This is Joanne’s story.

When I brought Gizmo back home, I did not know what to expect but I certainly didn’t expect how challenging this little fella was going to be. I knew that fostering and adoption wasn’t going to be straightforward, but it was how I wanted to find my next furry companion. I’d had dogs as pets before but it was clear that Gizmo was going to be unique in his challenges when he refused to leave the car when I first brought him home and wouldn’t let me anywhere near him for months without viewing me with complete suspicion and showing me his snarly grin!
It was clear that he’d been let down by humans and was completely distrusting. Fortunately Keri was on hand to advise and boy did I need her! We spoke to one another almost every day, me sending video and photographs of his unpredictability and his successes. It was often two steps forward the two steps backwards. Nearly a year has passed now. After much support, patience, time and positivity, Gizmo is a changed boy. We still have ups and downs and certain challenges to overcome , but, I wouldn’t ever, ever be without him. Love, time, patience, understanding, dedication and positivity is making all the difference to his world now. He’s a wonderful, feisty little friend and brings me such joy and happiness.

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