Daisy – a Happy Ending

Daisy is a lovely dog and we have really fallen on our feet with her, can’t fault her at all

In the words of her new owner!

Daisy at her 6 months is now completely at home with us, she is a thoroughly integrated and integral member of the family.

Daisy continues to be my shadow and side kick. Daisy wakes me and my wife up every morning at 6:30 by coming upstairs and jumping on the bed, where Daisy will snuffle and nudge to try and get one of us out of bed.

Daisy has her minimum three regular scheduled daily walks and if I am late for any of the normal daily walk times she will come sit beside me quietly in my office and her tail will noisily thump energetically against the floor to let me know its time.

Daisy’s recall progresses well, though squirrels and small birds tend to take over her attention, and have had her off the lead while at the beach on several occasions and she does go zoomie crazy but does come back when called.

Daisy whilst not treat or food orientated has learned to now give her paw for treats as well as her toys. 

Daisies socialisation with other dogs is in general fantastic, she is either friendly or indifferent to the other dogs.It does seem the more ecstatic a dog is to want to meet Daisy the more aloof and indifferent she is to them which is funny to watch.

Daisy is a snuggle monster and does love to curl up either with me or my wife on the sofa at night, she gives so much love and affection to everyone in the family its great to watch.

I have attached some photographs, one is an absolute classic of her asleep and smiling, the others are when we are out and about. I will send a 12 month Daisy anniversary update email later in the year.

Again thank you so much for what the SAR team does as Daisy has enriched our lives beyond what I thought would be possible with a rescue dog..

Daisy at the three month point is doing great. She has fully recovered from her spay operation and has put on more weight since undergoing the operation – being a gentleman I have not mentioned this to Daisy with her being the impeccable lady.

She continues to love her daily walks and has experienced her first snow up here in the North East a few weeks back which was funny to watch how the dog reacted to the white stuff.

Daisy continues her familiarisation with cats, my step daughters cat Rosie (that does cause confusion in the house as at times as we mix the cats and dogs names up when getting them to do something) visits twice a week and Daisy enjoys the interaction.

The cat does bully Daisy with cat paw taps to the head when Daisy walks past or when the cat decides to ambush Daisy so we have to keep the cat in line and let it know the behaviour is not acceptable.

Daisy though has taken this all in her stride and does not bother the cat – unless its to eat the cats food. It is strange times in the house when both are together as Daisy prefers the cat food and Rosie prefers the dog’s food…..strange times indeed.

Daisy loves my 9 year old grandson when he visits and the two of them can be found in my grandsons bedroom playing or rather strangely both watching the TV together.

Not sure if anyone previously noticed that with Daisy but she does watch TV, it has my wife and me smiling when Daisy sits on the sofa between use and watches the TV with us, especially if she sees another dog on the TV, she will go up to the TV and follow the dog around the screen.

Her recall continues to be good, when the weather gets better we will work more on a long leader with her. Also she really enjoys playing fetch or hide and find her favourite toy Steve the spider.

Daisy is still my shadow, follows me everywhere, stays by my side when I am working in the office and lets me know if I have been staring too long at the computer screen by either nudging my arm of standing up with her front paws on the chair arm and literally will drag my hands away from the keyboard with her paw. The last photo is of her doing this and also smiling at me while doing it.

As said previously Daisy is a lovely dog and we have really fallen on our feet with her, can’t fault her at all. I can only thank SAR for making the introduction and putting Daisy together with the family.

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