Chester has interest

Chester is looking for a home where he is the only pet and owners who can teach him that the world isn’t such a scary place. 
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Age: 5 years old

Sex: male

Microchipped: yes

Vet checked: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Neutered: yes

Docked: yes

Passport: yes

Location: Hampshire

Adoption fee: £300

Can live with:

Children: yes older 10+

Cats: no

Dogs: possibly

Behavioural issues: separation anxiety, dog reactive

Medical issues: skin irritation, ear infections

Meet Chester in the words of his Fosterer

Meet Chester, he came into our care as he was picking up on his previous owners anxieties following a dog attack and had become protective of them.

Chester has come a long way in his foster home, he’s gone from an anxious fearful dog to a wonderful companion that greets everyone with a wagging tail.

Chester was initially reactive to dogs after being attacked a couple years ago. We have taught him to ignore other dogs when walking on lead as he can get defensive with dogs that get in his face. Off lead he still does well to ignore other dogs but seems to be comfortable saying hello to other dogs that come up to him and he even likes to play and be chased by them.

Chester has been around children as young as 4 in foster care and had no problems but had snapped at an infant in his previous home after being startled so older children would be best.

Chester has a high prey drive and likes to chase squirrels and cats.

Chester knows the commands sit, stay, paw, other paw, lie down, outside and go to bed.

Chester is walked on a harness and lead and walks well, doesn’t pull though does like to stop and sniff.

Chester is house trained and has had no accidents in foster and sleeps through the night in his bed in the bedroom. He is not crate trained. He does bark when someone is at the door or if he hears loud noises next door but this is being worked on.

Chester has been left alone for 2 hours in foster and was not destructive (although he has scratched at the door) or naughty but he does whine and bark when you leave him so this will need to be worked on.

He travels in the boot of the car absolutely fine.

Chester loves to lounge on the sofa next to you but will go to his bed when told.

He is not as energetic as a typical spaniel but loves his walks and currently has 3 a day. he stays close and has good recall when off lead unless he sees something he wants to chase. Likes to play fetch with a ball or stick.

He is currently on Purina hypoallergenic dry food which has helped with his skin irritation but he still has the occasional flare up. He is prone to getting ear infections as spaniels do so needs regular ear cleaning.

He loves to get muddy and is fine being bathed and blow dried (comes with his own doggy dryer)

He comes with everything you could need from beds, leads, bowls, toys and even some special shampoo and ear cleaner.

Overall, he’ll make a fantastic pet, he just needs an owner that can continue to work on his dog reactivity and separation anxiety


Chester lived a very full life holidaying in the UK and Europe with his family but sadly, due to an attack at doggy day care and then two attacks whilst out with his owner, Chester is now suffering fear aggression and his owner has made the very sad decision to try and find him his new home through us with someone who can help him overcome this


As above, due to the attacks, Chester is now fearful around other dogs but is doing well in overcoming this with his foster family

Please contact us if you can offer Chester a home

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