Buddy has a new home!

Buddy is in his new home and loving it!


Buddy can live with another dog but is easily misled! Although not brought up with children, his owner says he is friendly with the neighbours children and though he doesn’t like sharing his ball, he loves playing with it. He can be left as long as he has plenty to keep him occupied while he is on his own and he is crate trained.

Buddy needs an active home where he will be kept occupied with walks, plenty of brain training. He is currently living with another dog so that would be a possibility though they would have to be introduced before adoption


We adopted Buddy from you last Sept. He is totally my darling – absolutely adorable, and whilst he sometimes plays a little over boisterously, I have not seen a sign of aggression with people or dogs. He was clearly not very well socialised while young and found walking down the high street and most new situations very scary to start with.

Buddy has settled in really well, and whilst I am still working on obedience and socialisation, I think he has made enough progress for me to now consider fostering. He is used to other dogs of both sexes visiting his home and garden, and has sometimes been the dominant dog and sometimes the underdog (conceded his bed to 2 visiting springers!) with those visiting dogs.

Can you offer one of our dogs a home?

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A home check will be required, along with an adoption donation of between £200 to £500 which helps to contribute to kennel fees, vaccinations, microchipping, spay/neutering, flea/worming treatment and other veterinary costs. This adoption fee will contribute to the care of all our dogs.  Your case handler will advise the cost of each dog

Please have a read of our adoption process  so you can prepare for how we will work with you and the possible dog. We also offer help and support for you both in the future with our behaviourists, Lisa & Amanda

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