Barney’s Story

We were devastated by the sudden and unexpected loss of our previous re- homed Cocker Spaniel. We decided initially that we would have a break from dog ownership unless a lost soul found us. However, within a week we were both secretly looking online for a dog in need.

We had a fondness for spaniels, having previously had cockers and springers growing up. We decided we wanted a dog with a bit more “go” ( yes I know) and a small springer or sprocker was on the list.

An internet search brought up SAR and we put our “CV” in not knowing what to expect.
So we were more than surprised to get a call in a very nice Scottish accent from Babs. SAR had a problem child, Barney, who had got a bit big for his boots and out of control. He was showing signs of dominance and aggression and was reactive to other dogs, so was surrendered by his young owner who could no longer manage him.

He had then been in a foster home for a short time, but had nipped a child, so was in emergency kennels. Had a dog in need found us?? A flurry of emails, phone calls and a quick home check and we were north to Penrith on the M6 in the pouring rain on my birthday.
So we met Barney, a smelly, black monster with a mop of black hair on the top, all wild eyes and a bit of teeth!

Getting him home and introducing Barney to the concept of a cat was fun, but a good walk and a bath later, he started to settle. By the time we had a follow up visit a couple of weeks later he was part of the furniture, well, getting onto it if he could!

It has not been straight forward. Barney had very few rules and control was limited. We had nips, snarls and teeth. His socialisation was poor which meant he could not be trusted with other dogs. However we stuck with him, getting back control, stopping the teeth and the house breaking(!) which luckily several neighbours saw the funny side of. But it did cost a pack of finest back bacon as a replacement, earning Barney the nickname Arsene Lupin.

Barney is now a happy wellish adjusted young Sprocker who is always hungry, (aren’t they all) ready for a walk or a cuddle, who seems to love his life, and we would not be without him.

We cannot ever thank SAR enough for introducing us to Barney – he is one of the family.

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