Alfie & Millie’s story

Alfie & Mille are finally settled in their forever home and having a ball!


Alfie and Millie were with their foster home for a little while before we found them their perfect home & we have just had this lovely update from their new home!

We’re all good Alfie and Millie have settled in well although they are never more than an arm’s length away from me. Millie likes lots and lots of fuss and is more outgoing; Alfie on the other hand like’s some attention but can take it or leave it, he’s not as outgoing and if he can’t see me gets so he whimpers a bit even if we’re round my elderly mums doing odd jobs

Normally we are out on their first walk about 0700 hrs. Alfie is raring to go but Millie is not a morning dog and takes a bit of coaxing! We went camping the other weekend Millie was ok all the time but Alfie was trembling a bit the first night was ok after that when he knew what was happening A barn owl came by and hovered but they didn’t realize it was there. Alfie had me over in a dyke when he pulled so hard scenting pheasants and Millie tried to head off too when she spotted a hare

We went out with the Boston Ramblers on the Sunday morning one of the other walkers looked after Millie and I had Alfie as he’s still a little reactive although he doesn’t seem as bad now as when I first got them

We usually get out on the sea bank not far from home most afternoons (these are earth banks 20 or 30 feet high that follow the coastline and courses of the rivers) I can let them off their leads as it’s rare to get near to anyone for a couple hours, they come back on the whistle if not I wander down the opposite side of the bank knowing that once they cant see me they come running back. Millie carries a tennis ball most of the time but once she gets a scent the ball is forgotten; we lose three or four a week

Millie is not driven by treats but Alfie is They seem to have a sixth sense for pheasants and partridge unfortunately they caught one this afternoon they also disturbed a small herd of roe deer that hastily ran into the nearest cabbage field, a few days ago they had a big old fox out from the brambles he ran for his life and got away luckily.

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