Tilly is available

Tilly is a glossy black coated 4yr old Sprocker girl with a hidden heart of gold, who is now
looking for her special person or people.

Tilly is a special little girl who has been with us for quite some time now. She is getting some help with her ‘issues’ at a specialist training centre but she does need a special owner – someone who will work with her and understand that she needs a little more help and patience than other dogs.
Available for adoption of long term foster. She could be yours subject to a satisfactory application and homecheck
Tilly was originally surrendered to the SAR team as her family could not commit time to
her issues of resource guarding due to having a young family.
Tilly has now had a few unsuccessful foster placements due to her resource guarding but during her time in foster she has shown that she is a dog who LOVES to carry something, anything but who can also be a little bit of a thief! She will carry around her treasures then will jump on your knee to show you her prize. She also likes to be stroked & praised but on her terms.
However, as part of her resource guarding it must be stressed that she doesn’t like to give
up her prize and has snapped at & unfortunately bitten on a few occasions.
Tilly is now having a holiday at the kennels where she can have the time to de-stress &
where the kennel behaviourist can work with her on her resource guarding.
Ideally you will work from home or are retired and have experience of resource guarding
& everything that goes with it, while giving her a chance to settle into her new routine.
Tilly needs that one to one time so you will need to be cat & dog free. Due to her resource
guarding issues we also request that you do not have any children under the age of 15yrs.
You will also have the full back-up from the SAR family along with behavioural advice
anytime that you need it.
If you think that you are that special someone that can give this girl the chance to show
her true potential then get in touch.
Adopting a rescue is not easy and not for the faint hearted because you never know what
you are truly signing up for, but it is SO rewarding and worthwhile!

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