I amTilly 

  • Age: 4
  • Can I be rehomed with other dogs? No
  • Can I be rehomed with cats? No
  • Can I be rehomed with children? No
  • I am neutered? Yes
  • I am available for foster


Tilly has been wih us for over a year and we have yet to find her forever home.  She is currently in a rehabilitation centre in order yo help her with her issues.

Tilly should have her own space where she is left & not disturbed.  Her toys should be in that area & not to be removed forcefully.

These requirements are non-negotiable and only serious people should apply.  You must be prepared to speak to and work with our behaviourists about her ongoing rehabilitation – again this is non-negotiable. All instruction regarding Tilly must be followed


Tilly is a cracking little dog who has been with us for some time now.  She was in foster for quite a while and did very well there but needed a little more one to one help so she is currently getting some extra help to build up her confidence and her manners.


Tilly will be ready for rehoming at the end of Octber but we are looking for a long term foster who can carry on the rehabilitation work she has been doing with regard to resource guarding and any other issues before she is put up for adoption.  She needs a home where her new family will understand the need for her training and who will follow it to the letter


Only good if other dogs stay away from her and her toys.  She does have resource guarding issues

Only serious, experienced applicants should apply but we are willing to consider long term foster.  You should be prepared to travel to meet Tilly at least twice before taking her home.  With long term foster, all Tilly’s expenses will be met by the Rescue


As we are asking for long term foster, all her costs will be met, from food to vet bills and behaviourist support

We realise we are asking a lot but we really do need a special home for Tilly.  She has been too long without a home and deserves to be with an experienced family

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