Rosies Story

Rosie….Just over a year ago We were called upon by sprocker assist to help with transport of a 16month old sprocker called Rosie. We spent an hour travelling with Rosie and soon fell in love with the the sweet lean black girl with absolutely bags of energy although a bit nippy!

The next few days we decided that we needed her to join us and applied to adopt her, the joke we made the week earlier became reality and we brought her home.

After 1 week we called a dog trainer although i have had 2 other spaniels previous to having Rosie we needed to correct her behaviour in the correct manner.

To date Rosie has achieved  her bronze British institute certificate with my eldest son who was her handler at the time and her bronze kennel club good citizenship with myself. We are currently working towards her silver award.

Rosie has come a long way and has blossomed into such a loveable,affectionate girl. She loves going out and about and has such love for swimming, her tennis ball and her Best Friend Alfie dog whom is also a sprocker belonging to my friend.

She has brought so much to our family and we all have such respect and love for her.