If you are looking to rehome your beloved Sprocker via us, after you send in the rehoming application, we will be in contact and ask questions.

We ask that you are as honest as possible, even tell us the bad stuff or issues – the more honest you are, the most likely we are to get a perfect home. By hiding issues, it risks your dog being put into a less than perfect home, so needing more help. Or worst case, having to move again, which isn’t fair on your dog.

We can assure you that we are there for that dog for life. We continue with behaviourist care if needed. We ask adopters to insure them so vet bills are covered that way. If a dog needs rehomed again even years later, we take the dog back to do this and ensure all is well.
Our dogs may be placed into a foster home to allow us to complete an assessment and ensure we can place them into the most suitable home. Others, who have no or few issues and a potential experienced home awaiting, may go straight to the new home. In this case, we home the dog as a foster dog, with a view to adopt. This means the dog must remain there for a minimum of a week, but by weeks 3 or 4, hopefully they will move to adoption. This usually works well and means least upheaval for the dog. But occasionally it doesn’t work, especially if some issues are not disclosed to us during the initial contact.

Contact us

Please get in contact via our email  Sprockerassist@gmail.com or via our facebook page – Sprockerassist