I am Henry

My age is 7

Can I be rehomed with other dogs? Yes

Can I be rehomed with cats? No

Can I be rehomed with children? yes but over 14

I am looking for a forever home

Henry has been with the same couple since he was just a few months old. They had a cockerpoo who was 6/12 when Henry arrived. Henry is bonded well with the cockerpoo who can take his toys from him etc. Sadly due to a death in the family with who Henry was very bonded sadly the decision has been made to rehome him
Top of the range sprocker 7 year old Henry seeks active home with like minded goofy human(s). Loves running to catch the wind and has magnetic attraction to any water. Eager to please and able to learn most things with food rewards.
Fully house trained, crate trained and happy to sleep in his own bed downstairs. Not keen on bieng left alone at home at the moment, but even this is improving.
Seeks reassurance and cuddles in the evening.. but zoomies can strike at any time of day or night.. just from pure happiness.
Counter surfing: would take an opportunity if left unattended.. but he does know it should be 4 paws on the ground.
His energy in the garden is high .. so best not be too keen on formal gardening
Henry has been part of a two dog household, but sometimes is reluctant to share, so any new dog buddy would need to be chilled.
Not cat friendly and not suitable for young children due to his general exuberant love of life and very high energy levels.

Henry’s ideal home would be one he only has to share with his adult humans as he likes a quiet life. Henry bonded closely with his dad who sadly died and his perfect match would be an owner who has confidence so Henry doesn’t have to worry about life and being in charge then he can concentrate on being a sprocker.


Please contact us if you can offer Henry his forever home.

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