Euthanasia Policy

Sprocker Assist & Rescue will do our utmost to ensure that no rehomeable animal in our care is put to sleep, but we do reluctantly accept that in certain circumstances, the difficult decision to euthanise an animal has to be taken.


When considering euthanasia, SAR’s decisions are based on

  • Preventing pain or suffering (including mental and emotional).
  • If an animal poses an unacceptable risk to people or to other animals.
  • If quality of life for the animal is compromised to an unacceptable degree, with no realistic prospect of improvement.

We always consider whether:

  • The animal has a serious injury, illness or disease which, despite treatment, would make their quality of life unacceptable.
  • They have an infectious disease which poses a serious health risk to other animals
  • They have a severe behavioural problem which could make them a danger to potential new owners, and the public or other animals. SAR would not knowingly put the public or other animals at risk by rehoming animals considered as a potential threat to safety.

Who makes the decision?

It is primarily upon veterinary advice but is always a team decision, which is only made after a thorough assessment has been carried out. Euthanasia is only carried out by or under the direction of a veterinary surgeon using an approved humane method such as intravenous injection and, where appropriate, using pre-euthanasia sedation. It is always carried out in a timely fashion to ensure against prolonged physical or emotional suffering.