Dexters Story

Dexter……I just wanted to let you know that I have settled into my new home and am having a fabby time.

It took me a wee while to settle cause I had new hooparents and a Sprocker brother but I’m just loving life. We all do loads of walkies and I run around mental cause that’s what I do! My big brother, Alfie, wasn’t best pleased when I moved in but he’s gotten over it and loves me now. I know cause he lets me share his toys.  We were on holiday in a VW campervan recently and had the best time ever. I even heard the hooparents say that they couldn’t imagine life without me or Alfie. We are two lucky guys Think I might have to go to training classes cause I pull like a chuffer train when i’m on my lead. They got me a lovely new harness but it just means I can pull better……. My hooparents are really lucky to have me and my brother Alfie but equally we are lucky to have them.