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Welcome to Sprocker Assist & Rescue 

Sprocker Assist and Rescue has been established to provide advice, assistance, and a managed rehoming process for Sprocker Spaniels throughout the UK. We only deal with Sprocker Spaniels, the charity is run by volunteers and we endeavor to help any and all Sprocker Spaniels and their owners in time of need. If you need support we have a Behaviourist. SAR has a very active Facebook community that is welcoming and the group is filled with experienced dog owners.

Meet Alfie and Millie


Alfie and Millie are available for immediate adoption

These two bonded and beautiful Sprockers need their forever home! 

Sprocker Stories

What do we do and how can we help?

Whatever the circumstances, Sprocker Assist will endeavor to help any Sprocker Spaniel find their forever home. We will give advice if we can when it’s a better option for the dog to remain in its home if that is possible.

Sprocker Assist & Rescue