Sprocker Stories

Some stories of the Sprockers rehomed through Sprocker Assist so far.  There have been many others, all of whom are so important to us and we love to hear their news and stories which we’ll continue to share with you.



Bellas Story We were asked to help with a 4 year old Sprocker bitch called Bella. We arranged emergency foster for Bella, and the... read more


Meggie Story We got 7 year old Meggie in August 2014.  We had recently lost our 16 year old lab and still had our 11 year old... read more


Rosies Story Rosie….Just over a year ago We were called upon by sprocker assist to help with transport of a 16month old... read more


Dexters Story Dexter……I just wanted to let you know that I have settled into my new home and am having a fabby time. It... read more


Kats Story Kat was 7 yrs old when she was taken on by Sprocker Assist . Her owner felt he could no longer keep her after she had... read more


Lucys Story We were asked to help rehome Lucy, an active 7yr old Sprocker. Charlie answered our call for a foster, she has a sprocker... read more


Rowans Story My partner and I got our first Sprocker 3 yrs ago – his name is Jet and we got him at 8 weeks old.  He was our first... read more