Sprocker Stories

Some stories of the Sprockers rehomed through Sprocker Assist so far.  There have been many others, all of whom are so important to us and we love to hear their news and stories which we’ll continue to share with you.



Bellas Story We were asked to help with a 4 year old Sprocker bitch called Bella. We arranged emergency foster for Bella, and the couple picked her up and took her home. Instantly they were extremely concerned with her behaviour,  she point blank refused to be touched and backed herself into a corner and messed herself. She stayed in that corner the whole night until she followed the couples own dog into the lounge where she then jumped up onto the sofa next to her foster dad. She allowed him to stroke her but still refused any contact from women. It was then decided that Bella needed a thorough assessment with someone with a little more experience so with the help of volunteers she travelled north and found herself being fostered by myself and... read more


Meggie Story We got 7 year old Meggie in August 2014.  We had recently lost our 16 year old lab and still had our 11 year old Chocolate Sprocker Millie.  We drove up to the couple who had fostered Meggie, who was called Preddy at that time . We had been messaging each other back and forth for a while to make sure everyone was happy and all was in place. She was perfect from that moment on. She has so much love to give and all she wants is cuddles. Her and Millie were inseparable after a couple of days. Meggie adapted to her new name literally straight away and has caused us no problems at all. She was very well behaved on and off lead and 7 months on continues, with Millie to bring us... read more


Rosies Story Rosie….Just over a year ago We were called upon by sprocker assist to help with transport of a 16month old sprocker called Rosie. We spent an hour travelling with Rosie and soon fell in love with the the sweet lean black girl with absolutely bags of energy although a bit nippy! The next few days we decided that we needed her to join us and applied to adopt her, the joke we made the week earlier became reality and we brought her home. After 1 week we called a dog trainer although i have had 2 other spaniels previous to having Rosie we needed to correct her behaviour in the correct manner. To date Rosie has achieved  her bronze British institute certificate with my eldest son who was her handler at the... read more


Dexters Story Dexter……I just wanted to let you know that I have settled into my new home and am having a fabby time. It took me a wee while to settle cause I had new hooparents and a Sprocker brother but I’m just loving life. We all do loads of walkies and I run around mental cause that’s what I do! My big brother, Alfie, wasn’t best pleased when I moved in but he’s gotten over it and loves me now. I know cause he lets me share his toys.  We were on holiday in a VW campervan recently and had the best time ever. I even heard the hooparents say that they couldn’t imagine life without me or Alfie. We are two lucky guys Think I might have to go to training classes cause... read more


Kats Story Kat was 7 yrs old when she was taken on by Sprocker Assist . Her owner felt he could no longer keep her after she had bitten a new pup introduced into the family, whilst chasing a ball. Kat had always been an only dog and was very possessive and competitive with other animals although fine and affectionate with people. She was thought to be only rehomeable to a family with no dogs. That, with her age made it very difficult to place her . After 8 weeks in foster with us and my three Sprockers,  she gradually learned to share. Yes we had a few spats but were on hand to sort it out before any damage  was caused . Slowly but surely things improved enough for us to consider rehoming... read more


Lucys Story We were asked to help rehome Lucy, an active 7yr old Sprocker. Charlie answered our call for a foster, she has a sprocker and a working cocker Cadbury so was well experienced with spaniels . Lucy came into heat soon afterwards so as well as reinforcing Lucy’s general training, Charlie had to manage her through her season. Charlie put us in touch with a friend Sam who, along with daughters Lucy and Alice, were looking to adopt an older dog. It was love at first sight…….Lucy or Princess Lucy as she’s often known here joined our family from Sprocker Assist. She settled in very happily with us. She loves us all and even loves her little Sprocker brother Milo - most of the time. Her favourite things include cuddling the smallest human... read more


Rowans Story My partner and I got our first Sprocker 3 yrs ago – his name is Jet and we got him at 8 weeks old.  He was our first ever dog and he was a handful to say the least!  As he got older, we frequently spoke about getting another as a companion for Jet and had regularly seen young Sprockers up for adoption on ‘Sprocker Assist’. We decided that we wanted to give another Sprocker a home, and put our names forward to be considered. Admin called us to tell us they had a young Sprocker who needed to be rehomed (his current family could no longer provide all that he needed with time and training).  This sounded perfect for us and I picked Rowan up in February.  We now have our... read more