Monty's Story

  We were asked to help with a 2 year old Sprocker dog called Tobi and here is his new owners story. Last year we were devastated to lose our beautiful beagle boy Toby, at the age of thirteen we had to say goodbye to him. We had had him since he was eight weeks old. We could never have another beagle as the reminder would be too painful for us. We approached Sprocker Assist & Rescue and in line with policy waited for the perfect match. That day finally arrived in February this year. After a very professional owners inspection we were ready to take another Toby into our lives. But the name had to change, so he is now known as Monty. Chris drove to Cornwall to collect him in the snow and he was met with a very frightened, bald, overweight pup who hated cars, collars and loud noises. He was awful on the lead, cowled down and snapped at me. The first two weeks were not pleasant and we contacted Sprocker Assist & Rescue for help. Their behaviourist Keri was fantastic as was Donna our case worker. Very slowly with lots of love, patience and care our Monty has blossomed into the most loving, loyal beautiful boy and we cannot bear to be apart from him. No holiday in Spain this year! He loves his walks, especially on the beach, he will jump in the car for a ride out, he is now the ideal weight, his fur has grown back and his haircuts cost more than mine! We cannot recommend Sprocker Assist and Rescue enough and thank them so much for bringing Monty into our lives, we love him so much and he is with us for life. Jane and Chris